If the gutter begins leaking or your downspout handles break, it is up to you to fix the situation immediately. One important home maintenance task is proper gutter cleaning done on a regular basis. There are all types of problems that will arise with your gutter system that hasn’t been taken care of. Taking the time and being consistent in cleaning them means less chance of larger problems in the future. Here are some things you should consider in your gutter cleaning schedule.

The number one issue you will face is leaving. Over time, they build up and clog your gutter cleaning system. Be careful not to rake leaves from your roof as you can actually do more damage than good. Use a leaf blower or rake gently and always wear goggles to prevent any type of injury from occurring.

Debris is another big concern in your gutter cleaning schedule. Graffiti and bird droppings are common causes of leaves clogging your system. When it rains the debris will run down the downspouts eventually making it necessary for you to clean them out. A garden hose works well when tackling this type of job because you can reach into the most difficult areas.

Rainwater falling on your roof also causes problems with your gutters. If you have a leaky roof you will eventually end up with water collecting there. This can cause your gutter cleaning system to clog because there is nothing to catch the rainwater. Clogged gutters mean that rainwater will slowly seep through the gutter system instead of being absorbed by the leaves and debris on your roof. It is important that you check your gutters for any signs of leakage near the base and joints regularly.

Birds, insects, and even rats can cause structural damage to your home by causing roof leaks. The nests of these animals can be found near the base of your house and inside the walls. Rats can chew through the floorboards and ceiling while larger birds can knock over joists or clog gutters. When you are cleaning your gutters, remember to keep small creatures such as rodents and spiders out because they can cause damage to your roof as well as to your home.

One of the biggest threats to homes with leaky roofs is associated with water flow through the pipes. Over time any area that does not provide water flow tends to become blocked. As mentioned before, any area that does not provide water flow tends to become clogged. This can lead to mold and mildew buildup and it can also cause structural damage to your home. Regular gutter cleaning helps to prevent this buildup.

If you do not have access to a garden hose, you can still perform some gutter cleaning using a long garden hose. You need to spray the hose on the affected areas and allow it to sit for a few minutes. You can then use the garden hose to clean the gutters and downspouts. A long garden hose allows you to reach the sides of the gutter and also reach some of the places where clogs can form.

Finally, if you want to completely clean your gutters, you can use a pressure washer. These devices are designed to blast leaves, branches, and debris from the gutters so that they work properly once again. You need to make sure you use the correct pressure setting with the washer and spray on the affected areas. If you accidentally get the wrong pressure setting, the pressure washer may not work very well or could injure you or other pets.